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CD Mimesis, trailer. J.S. Bach Sonata BWV 1015, Allegro

Deh! Fuggi a traditoreExtract of RadamistoGF Handel.
January 29, 2015, Church of Rosières

Lascia chio piangaExtract of RinaldoGF Handel.

Transcript: J.Walsh
January 29, 2015, Church of Rosières

Opening of RinaldoGF Handel. Transcript: Laterna Magica.
January 29, 2015, Church of Rosières

Face to face, young audience version. 
October 8, 2014, Studio 1 Flagey

Variations on " Ah vous irais-je maman:  W. A. Mozart.

December 18, 2016, Lismonde House

Archive: Laterna Magica, Festival Internacional de Musica Barroca Misiones de Chiquitos (Bolivia).
May 1, 2006, Church of Conception

Opening Nozze di Figaro : W A Mozart

Florenville-Chiny Festival, August 12, 2011

East West, trailer

Church of Bornival, February 2020

Passacaglia, taken fromRadamisto. GF Handel

CD Opera minima, Handel with care.Paraty 2018

Adagio ,triosonate BWV 528. J.S. Bach

CD Exercitium, transcriptions of Bach works. Solal 2004

Concert Bach-Handel-Telemann. Midis-Minimes Festival

August 12, 2020, Royal Conservatory of Brussels

Chaconne BWV 1004. JS Bach, arr. Laterna Magica

October 5, 2016, Royal Conservatory of Brussels

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