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Flutes in situ is a project of video capsules by the duo Laterna Magica in which the duo, sometimes accompanied by guests, interprets a piece in a remarkable place. The guardian of the place shares a bit of his story in the video.

The capsules are produced by Aurélie Maestre Vicario and benefit from the support of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.


D'Ieteren Gallery

 Episode 1: D'Ieteren Gallery

Praeludium BWV 87 J.S. Bach

Collégiale de Nivelles

Episode 4. Collegiate Church of Nivelles

Sonate BWV 1015, Allegro, JS BACH

Vignette Grand-Hornu last.png

Episode 5. Grand Hornu

Cosmos, N. HOUTMAN & L. POK

Cinéma Palace

 Episode 7.Cinema Palace

 The Green Hornet theme B.MAY

vignette trailer.png

  Episode 9. Trailer


Fondation Frison Horta

Episode 2: Frison-Horta Foundation

Ekla cholore R.TAGORE

Cimetière de Laeken

 Episode 3, Laeken Cemetery

Chaconne BWV 1004 J.S. Bach

Flutes in situ PHONO Museum.png

 Episode 6. PHONO Museum Paris

Mister Sandman P. BALLARD

vignette chapelle bonne.png

  Episode 8.  Protestant Chapel of Brussels

 Allein Gott in der Höh sei Ehr BWV 676  JS BACH

Vignette Tour et Taxis v2.png

  Episode 10. Tower and Taxis

  Brandenburg concerto no 3  JS BACH

vignette Fauquez 2.png

  Episode 1.  D'Ieteren Gallery

   Praeludium BWV 875   J.S. Bach

Flutes in situ czakan.png

 Episode 2. Museum of Musical Instruments

Le nozze di Figaro, OvertureWAMOZART


Vignette Créagora.png

 Episode 3. Créagora

Allegro BWV 1003. J.S. BACH

Vignette Flutes in situ V3.png

 Episode 4. Sparkoh!

MArio Bros themes, K. Kondo

Vignette Kirateshwar.png

 Episode 5. Kirateshwar, Katmandu

Istampitta Belicha/ Improvisations

vignette Pokhara V1.png

 Episode 6. Pokhara, Népal

Resham firiri/ Hamri aama

Vignette CrB 1.png

 Episode 7. Conservatoire royal Bruxelles

Concerto BWV 1065, Allegro. J.S. BACH

Vignette Han.png

 Episode 8. Grottes de Han

Dona nobis pacem. MAX RICHTER

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