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Inspire the flute

Recorder beyond borders

Inspire the flutes was born following Nathalie and Laura's many trips to Asia and Latin America, during which they were able to share their passion for the recorder with local musicians. Souffles croisés is a project of meetings with recorders who breathed new life into the instrument by teaching it in regions where it is not part of the local musical tradition. These meetings will be the subject of various documentaries.

The first part of the project was shot in Pondicherry (India) and in France in March 2018. This 40-minute film traces the extraordinary story of four young boys who learned the recorder with Anne-Marie Paillard, a French harpsichordist who has devoted 14 years of her life to teaching music at the Volontariat de Pondichéry.

Future projects are already on the horizon: meeting with flautists in Bolivia and shared concerts at the "Misiones de Chiquitos" festival in Santa Cruz, trip to Brazil to meet Cecilia Rheingantz Silveira who is responsible for a large flute class recorder in a Favella from Porto Alegre, collaboration with Nicole Decourrière who introduces Nepalese children to the recorder in Pokhara.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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